The Paralympic Sports Association (PSA) is a non-profit organization that offers recreation & sport programs to persons with disabilities.  We are a volunteer run organization, meaning that all of our programs are run by a wonderful group of volunteers.  That being said, the success of each program is dependent on getting volunteers to assist PSA with the implementation of the programs. 

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your community and have some FUN! Other benefits include: gaining valuable training and experience working with persons with disabilities, developing leadership skills, trying something new, making friends, be a part of positive change in the community, and the potential of traveling with local or provincial team.



Volunteer Listings

Sledge Hockey- Assistant Coach

Assist in coaching our Intermediate Sledge Hockey team.

Wheelchair Floor Hockey

Assist in a game of ball hockey, whether that be dropping the ball when a team scores, refereeing or keeping the ball in play. You can also hop on a sport chair and participate!

Adapted Swimming

Work one-on-one with a participant getting them comfortable in the water and working on skills.

Adapted Taekwondo

Regardless of physical ability, any individual can gain something from Taekwondo.

Wednesday Integrated Spin

Integrated Spin Class provides an indoor cycling class for those who use a handcycle, upright bike or any modifications in a group fitness setting.

Sledge Hockey

Assist on-ice with any of our 3 sledge hockey teams.